‘Advance World Group’ with an experienced team, qualified engineers and professionals in our various branches today, have fully geared to develop into one of the most premium class suppliers of refrigeration and air conditioning spare parts in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Today, we at ‘Advance World Group’ can proudly state that ours is a legally incorporated company. Since the incorporation, our company has grown steadily by leaps and bounds but has been able to successfully establish itself in its various branches, as one of the leading suppliers. Headquartered in UAE, ‘Advance World Group’ has branches in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Kuwait and Oman. Our motivated young Managing Director has plans to venture into the Middle East and other Asian countries in the near future. Our manufacturers are based in United States of America, United Kingdom and Europe and we would continue importing our spare parts directly from them. At ‘Advance World Group’ our customers can expect quick delivery upon placing their order and also that our leading logistic providers like DHL-deliver on time, every time, without fail so that our customers remain satisfied with our services. At ‘Advance World Group’ we make sure to keep up the high quality standards in order to maintain our position as the number one refrigeration and air conditioning spare parts supplier and will continue to do so. Thank you

Our history

It was in the year 1906 that a humidifying head was created for the purpose of humidifying and treating the air in cotton mills and this is how the world's first air conditioning unit was made. A decade later, automatic controls for air conditioning units were installed, and soon large factories, munitions plants, ships, and mansions installed some of the world's first air conditioners. By 1926, air conditioners started to become popular in offices and homes, and by the 1940's refrigerators were brought into use, changing dramatically the way people worked and lived.

The Managing Director of ‘Advance World Group’ has always been fascinated by machines, especially air conditioners and refrigerators and how it worked. It is his interest that led him to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. This dynamic young man harbored the vision of supplying and distributing refrigeration compressors at reasonable costs to clients in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and was able to make his dream a success in 1996. The company 'Advance World Group' was established and was soon to become a great success in the field.

Our Values

What made our company such a great success in a short span of time? Our Managing Director has this to say: “When I first ventured into the refrigeration and air conditioner spare parts supply and distribution market, I saw that this was an unexplored area. I decided to step in keeping two goals in mind.

->To consistently maintain stringent quality control on the parts supplied to my valuable clients.

->To make sure of ready stock available at any point, in order to be delivered as per our customers’ requirements.

These principles led to the 'Advance World Group' growing steadily into one of the leading suppliers of refrigeration and air conditioner spare parts in the UAE , Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and we can proudly state that we are a legally incorporated company today. The untiring efforts of our Managing Director and our core teams in the Engineering Department, Quality Control Department and Customer Care Departments have bought our company to the position it is in today. Today, we supply spare parts to several reputed Multi-National Companies in and around the Middle East, and to the offices, Hotels, ships, Malls, and Ministries all over GCC.